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Who we are

Malabar is a CG animation studio that began in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2001, with an outstanding record both national and international.
We focus on the development of series and projects for kids, with a design and direction team that carries out the creative process. Among our main productions, we can mention the TV Series: The Motorhomes (one season), Guardian Monsters (one season), Minimalitos (four seasons), Robotia (two seasons), Mati & Rocco (one season), Monstruos Rodantes (two seasons), La Cocina de Tomás (two seasons) and Animalímpicos (one season).

And the long feature-length films: Robotia - The Movie, Winnipeg - Seeds of Hope, and South Marina.

We also work in the production of animations for advertising, films and TV, specialized in the design and character animation.

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