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Mati & Rocco

Mati’s everyday life radically changes after meeting Rocco, a giant, unbearable but touching, underground creature. The monster´s irruption triggers great adventures for both characters and the beginning of an inseparable friendship. Each episode presents a new adventure for Mati and Rocco that is solved at the end of it. In this way, new characters and locations are gradually introduced, thus describing Mati’s and other characters’ universe, where science plays an important role.

2013 and 2016 INCAA AWARD WINNER


Year of production: 2017

Audience: 5 to 9

Genre: 3D animation, action, adventure.

Country: Argentina.

Language: Spanish

Season 1: 11 x 7' 

Availability: Worldwide 

Season1: Pre sales - Sales

Season2: Available for coproduction

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